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Leawo SWF Encrypte is a professional SWF Protector designed to protect Flash SWF files from being decompiled
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18 March 2013

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Sizable quantity of developers and even companies instead of working or designing Flash files from scratch, prefer to decompile already created flash files and add new inputs. This might result in serious damages in reputation (read copyrights) as well as efforts for other companies who create the ads or greetings or any kinds of flash files. But this issues is not impermeable and can be mend by a terrific solution namely Leawo SWF Encrypt The software is loaded with advanced obfuscation technique which encrypts the ActionScript of SWF files preventing others to decompile or reverse engineer your SWF videos. Now the usability of this particular product is greatly accepted by several organizations due to its noteworthy features that the tool proffers.

Leawo SWF Encrypt brilliantly protects your valuable SWF flash file from all kinds of decompiling tools that are readily available in the internet. The application blindly supports all types of SWF files such as Flex, Flash builder, Adobe Flash 8, CS3, CS5 etc. Alongside the brilliantly simple UI the program posses it enables you to insert relevant as well as irrelevant SWF files and combines them and encrypts them even further. When you have got several SWF files to encrypt, the batch feature will enable you to efficiently encrypt all of them quickly and conveniently. It proffers three kinds of encryption like Basic, Exceptional and Intense Encryption to meet the demand of varied SFW files. While encryption is carried out the utility also keeps the Action script safe and unaltered so that it works properly.

Interface of the software is uniquely designed and is meant for users who want to quickly do the encryptions without troubles. Hence the application will definitely protect your SWF files and for all the flexibility and benefit it proffers we can proudly rate the software with three and half out of five.

Publisher's description

Leawo SWF Encrypt is a professional SWF Protector designed to protect Flash SWF files from being decompiled by SWF decompilers or Flash Decompiler tools in the market. With Advanced Obfuscation Techniques and proven Encryption Technology, Leawo SWF Encrypt could act as an ActionScript Obfuscator to obfuscate the ActionScript of your SWF flash files so as to secure and protect SWF ActionScript files, and make SWF Reverse Engineering and Decompiling prevented. This SWF Protector could add encryption to Adobe Flash 8/9/10/11 and Flex (in SWF format), encrypt SWF Resources such as images, symbols, graphics and audio files.
Leawo SWF Encrypt provides various SWF encryption ways, including: Basic Encryption (Name Encryption, Classname Encryption, Namespace Encryption), Exceptional Encryption (Unencrypt for Special Names, Unencrypt the Names appear in both SWF and XML files) and Intensified Encryption (Strings Intensive Encryption, Pakcers Encryption). These SWF encryption ways would meet different requirements, with no affection of the normal running of SWF files.
This SWF protection tool provides quite easy to use interface and SWF encryption operation. Within only a few clicks from source SWF files loading to final SWF encrypting. Each term is attached with detailed explanation and diagram on the program interface, which makes this program suitable for all people. No technique knowledge needed.
Leawo SWF Encrypt
Leawo SWF Encrypt
Version 1.0.28
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